It is very important that you prepare and start studying in advance so that you have time to detect which are the areas of study in which you need to strengthen yourself.

Try the Pomodoro technique

The name of this method sounds a bit strange, but it can be more useful than you think, it can increase productivity in your activities and it is very efficient when it comes to achieving concentration, but how does it work? It is about dividing your time between specific tasks and “dead” time, start by focusing 25 minutes on an activity, for example, completing a questionnaire, at the end of that time, take 5 minutes to stretch or do something else, repeat this process during four sessions and then take a long break of 15 minutes. You will see how it is easier for you to concentrate if you organize your time in this way.

Create a reward system

Sometimes it is hard to put effort into something if we know we will not get immediate compensation, you can change that through micro-rewards. Set a goal and define a “prize” when you achieve it, for example, if you need to learn about algebraic expressions, take some time to study and when you finish, treat yourself to a reward, a cupcake, watch an episode of your favorite series or any other activity that represents a prize for you.

Use mnemonics

It is a system of associations that helps us remember something, as its name indicates, it is a more or less elaborate memorization technique to remember quickly and efficiently. Perhaps you already make use of mnemonics and have not noticed, for example, when you move an object around just to remember that you have something pending. In the academic part, a mnemonics is useful to remember dates, formulas or hard data that can help us when we hesitate in an exam.

Organize your time

The reality is that people who organize their time are also more successful because they allow themselves to do different activities, what if you eliminate an hour of video games for an hour of study? Think about the things you do every day and evaluate what you could eliminate or reduce to dedicate it to study, set a schedule and, if necessary, establish specific days and hours to dedicate yourself to each subject according to its difficulty.

Eliminate distractions

Identify what makes you waste more time; TV, Facebook, too many naps, etc. and walk away from it before it starts consuming your time without you noticing. It will surely be complicated when you start, but it will help you to concentrate if you are really willing to do it. If you need a computer to study, I advise you to use an extension that allows you to temporarily block pages like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Installing Work Mode can be very helpful if you decide to use it.


Hopefully these tips will give you a better idea of ​​how to study for an exam, since it will be the first step to enter the university and it depends on it that you can enter the school that you want.




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