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We hire talented people and technical professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset, capable of creating positive impact in educational field. At the same time, we take care of strengthening your soft skills to help you work as a team, make your proposals and actions more viable and cultivate empathic relationships with your colleagues and / or collaborators. We believe in your abilities and your potential, that is why we empower and prepare you to transform your own life, that of your family and your entire environment. We seek that you can propose, initiate, develop and successfully complete projects that generate positive impact in the social, cultural, economic and environmental fields, encouraging you to visit communities, identify problems, register needs and propose creative, practical and efficient solutions.

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If you consider that the last step in the evolutionary scale of a teacher would be to direct an educational center not only for practical purposes, but with a differentiating and innovative approach, working with us as an instructor is the most appropriate job for you. While working with us, you will master the direction and management of educational centers and you will become an educational leader capable of turning the center into an excellent educational structure, developing a global vision of the economic and financial aspects that will help you to carry out management successfully.

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Come join our team and be a part of our platform’s goal to improve education. Pak Educator is seeking competent, motivated individuals who wish to advance their careers in the online learning business and flourish in our rapidly expanding organization. In addition, you will learn to interact between teachers and students, increasing motivation and promoting cooperation and a sense of community. By working with us you can turn your management into an example of tolerance, diversity and effectiveness.